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Notice 2024-08

I. Updates Regarding MaineHousing’s Review of 2023 Audited Financial Statements (AFRs) II. HUD Update: HOME Proposed Rule Published; Register for Listening Sessions III. New Asset Management Process for Annual Compliance Reporting – all non-LIHTC projects

pdf 201 KB DownloadNotice 2024-08
Notice 2024-07

I. HOTMA May 31, 2024 Deadline II. HUD Energy Efficiency Updates

pdf 192 KB DownloadNotice 2024-07
Notice 2024-06

I. Updated MaineHousing Website-2024 Rent and Income Charts II. HOTMA Training Videos

pdf 180 KB DownloadNotice 2024-06
Notice 2024-05

I. HUD Publishes Federal Register Notice on the Methodology for Annual Inflationary Adjustments to Income Calculations in HUD Subsidized Housing Programs II. HUD Updates Multifamily Insurance Deductibles to Address Rising Costs of Wind and Storm Coverage III. HUD Publishes Proposed Regulations to Reduce Barriers to HUD-Assisted Housing IV. HUD Publishes Final Rule to Manage Flood Risk for its Housing Programs

pdf 184 KB DownloadNotice 2024-05
Notice 2024-04

I. Multifamily Housing News Guidance on Tenant Recertification Flexibilities II. Free Energy & Water Benchmarking Services Through HUD and an additional $173.8 Million of GRRP Funding III. HUD Publishes Updated GRRP NOFOs IV. 2024 Income Limits for HUD Programs

pdf 160 KB DownloadNotice 2024-04
Notice 2024-03

I. Office of Multifamily Housing Program Email 3/1/2024 II. FBI & NSA Cyber Threat Concerns for Industry Partners III. Service Coordinator NOFO Application Deadline Extension IV. Updated MaineHousing Insurance Requirements

pdf 159 KB DownloadNotice 2024-03
Notice 2024-02

I. TRACS Access/User Recertification/Security Awareness Training Requirements [External TRACS Users] II. HOTMA Guidance III. Notice Publishes Extending HOTMA Compliance Date for Tenant Selection Plan and Enterprise Income Verification Policies & Procedures IV. IRS Form 8703 – Annual Certification of a Residential Rental Project V. Existing Policy on Non-Rent Fees for Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs Posted to Drafting Table VI. HUD Publishes Budget Based Rent Adjustments for Mark-to-Market (M2M) Properties Notice

pdf 224 KB DownloadNotice 2024-02
Notice 2024-01

I. HOTMA Guidance II. LIHTC Allocating Agency Utility Allowances Updated 1/1/2024 III. Management Fee Policy Changes

pdf 399 KB DownloadNotice 2024-01
Notice 2023-11

I. Multifamily Utility Allowance Factors (UAFs) and Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs) for FY2024 have been published II. Eligible Multifamily Properties Can Receive Free Covid-19 Test Kits III. HUD Issues Bulletin-HOTMA Supplemental Guidance Update

pdf 286 KB DownloadNotice 2023-11
Notice 2023-10

I. Upcoming Live Seminar C3P Tax Credit II. National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) Delayed. III. Maine Real Estate Manager’s Association (MREMA) Educational Conference IV. Funding Navigator Tool Available on HUD Exchange

pdf 367 KB DownloadNotice 2023-10
Notice 2023-08 #2

I. HUD’s Waiver for Remote Management and Occupancy Reviews Terminated

pdf 177 KB DownloadNotice 2023-08 #2
Notice 2023-08

I. HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs Publishes Notice of Funding Opportunity – Tenant Education and Outreach II. Audit Corner- Tax Credit Tips

pdf 286 KB DownloadNotice 2023-08
Notice 2023-07

I. Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP) First Application Review Period Closing on 7/31/2023.

pdf 220 KB DownloadNotice 2023-07
Notice 2023-06

I. Updated MaineHousing Website-2023 Rent and Income Charts II. Audit Corner- Tax Credit Tips

pdf 238 KB DownloadNotice 2023-06
Notice 2023-05

I. Department of Housing and Urban Development Publishes NSPIRE Final Rule: RIN: 2577-AD05 II. MaineHousing 2022 Annual Report

pdf 177 KB DownloadNotice 2023-05
Notice 2023-04

I. IRS Form 8703 – Annual Certification of a Residential Rental Project

pdf 223 KB DownloadNotice 2023-04
Notice 2023-03

I. Changes To Banking Information For Voucher Payments II. Audit Corner-Tax Credit Tips

pdf 308 KB DownloadNotice 2023-03
Notice 2023-02

I. HUD Notice Continued Availability of Covid-19 Supplemental Payments to Section 8, Section 202, and Section 811 Properties

pdf 226 KB DownloadNotice 2023-02
Notice 2023-01

I. LIHTC Allocating Agency Utility Allowances Updated 1/1/2023

pdf 587 KB DownloadNotice 2023-01

I. HUD Notice Continued Availability of Covid-19 Supplemental Payments to Section 8, Section 202, and Section 811 Properties

pdf 223 KB DownloadNotice-2022-14
Notice 2022-13

I. HUD Releases 2023 OCAFs but also seeking public input on two proposed changes to its OCAF calculation method for future consideration II. Changes to MaineHousing’s Scheduling Process for Management and Occupancy Reviews and Inspections of Tax Credit Projects III. Changes in AFR Surplus Cash Calculation Determination Methodology IV. Changes to MD-130 Process for Tax & Insurance (T&I) Escrow Withdrawals and Usage

pdf 344 KB DownloadNotice 2022-13
Notice 2022-12

I. Novogradac Rent Calculator discrepancies for Cumberland County II. Revised Addendum A to HUD Model Lease 90105a and 90105b

pdf 225 KB DownloadNotice 2022-12
Notice 2022-11

I. Audit Corner- Tax Credit Tips II. Maine Real Estate Managers Association Annual Conference October 24th and 25th

pdf 385 KB DownloadNotice 2022-11
Notice 2022-10

I. Proposed Changes to Ownership Transfer Rule

pdf 327 KB DownloadNotice 2022-10
Notice 2022-09

I. 2022 Income Limit Charts Updated with FedHOME and HTF II. Multifamily Housing News Asset Management – FSS NOFO Released – Multifamily Owners Eligible!

pdf 231 KB DownloadNotice 2022-09
Notice 2022-08

I. Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) Rule and Notice for Section 8 Housing Assistance Programs Effective 9/26/2022 II. Updated Replacement Reserve Guidance III. Audit Corner - Tax Credit Tips

pdf 447 KB DownloadNotice 2022-08
Notice 2022-07

I. LIHTC Allocating Agency Utility Allowances Effective 6/1/2022 II. Audit Corner - Tax Credit Tips

pdf 297 KB DownloadNotice 2022-07
Notice 2022-06

I. Affordable Connectivity Program II. HUD 2022 Income Limits Released III. MaineHousing Website a Resource For Owners and Agents IV. Section 8 Lease Addendum Updated

pdf 379 KB DownloadNotice 2022-06
Notice 2022-04

I. Ways to Mitigate the Impact of Rising Utility Cost in Section 8 Projects with HAP Contracts II. Impacts of Rising Utility Costs and Common Relief Options III. Upcoming Training Opportunities IV. Property & Unit Inspections – Informational Flyer for Residents

pdf 330 KB DownloadNotice 2022-04
Notice 2022-03 (2 of 2)

I. Impact of Rising Utility Costs on Residents of Multifamily Housing Programs II. Utility Credit Program - $90 credits for some low income consumers III. IRS Form 8703 – Annual Certification of a Residential Rental Project

pdf 310 KB DownloadNotice 2022-03 (2 of 2)
Notice 2022-03 (1 of 2)

I. Resident, Owner and Agent’s Rights for REAC Inspections During the Pandemic II. Unique Entity Identifier Replacing DUNS for LOCCS Users III. Publication of Median Rents by ZIP Code Has Been Delayed IV. Residents Can Get Free Tax Help at GetYourRefund

pdf 286 KB DownloadNotice 2022-03 (1 of 2)
Notice 2022-01 (2 of 2)

I. New Fuel Gas Detector State Law took effect in Maine on 1/1/2022 II. IRS Notice 2022-05 – Extension of Covid Relief Measures

pdf 283 KB DownloadNotice 2022-01 (2 of 2)
Notice 2021-12

I. LIHTC Utility Allowances Correction II. 2022 NCHM Training Schedule Now Available

pdf 170 KB DownloadNotice 2021-12
Notice 2021-11

In This Issue: I. Meet the New Members of the Asset Management Team II. November 15, 2021 – Deadline for Families to Obtain Their Child Tax Credit in 2021 III. Grants for Level 2 EV Charging Stations at Multi-Unit Dwellings

pdf 482 KB DownloadNotice 2021-11
Notice 2021-10

I. Announcing Grants for Level 2 EV Charging Stations at Multi-Unit Dwellings II. COVID-19 Supplemental FAQ and Draft Request Form Available III. HUD Update: Supplemental Guidance Issued for Interim Final Rule for Non-Payment of Rent IV. LIHTC Allocating Agency Utility Allowance Schedule Updated

pdf 286 KB DownloadNotice 2021-10
Notice 2021-08

I. Meet the New Asset Management Managers II. COVID-19 Supplemental Funding Available III. MaineHousing Reminds Partners of Budget Submission Deadlines IV. MaineHousing National Award Winners V. MREMA Bi-State Conference Reminder VI. Subscribe to HUD Multifamily Housing News

pdf 274 KB DownloadNotice 2021-08
Notice 2021-07

I. 2021 Rent and Income Charts II. MREMA Announces Star 515 RD Training August 10th & 11th III. Reminder Regarding Income Limits on HUD 50059 IV. HUD Annual Financial Statements Due V. COVD Social Support Offered by DHHS VI. Attachments

pdf 560 KB DownloadNotice 2021-07
Notice 2021-06

I. Emergency Broadband Benefit Open for Applications May 12, 2021 II. TRACS Forum Implementation III. USDA Summer Food Program IV. REAC to Resume Inspections June 1st 2021 Attachment: Asset Management Multifamily Section 8 Scoop

pdf 402 KB DownloadNotice 2021-06
Notice 2021-05

I. Tax Credit Reporting Due 5/1/2021 II. HUD Notice H 21-01 Continued Availability for COVID-19 Supplemental Operating Funds

pdf 202 KB DownloadNotice 2021-05
Notice 2021-04

I. NEAHMA Annual Tri-State Agency Forum II. HOME Monitoring Webinar Series – Spring 2021 III. Updated Forms to include HTF Housing Trust Fund Reporting

pdf 226 KB DownloadNotice 2021-04
Notice 2021-03

IRS Form 8703 – Annual Certification of a Residential Rental Project

pdf 180 KB DownloadNotice 2021-03
Notice 2021-02

I. Updated MD-130 Form - Request for Release of Funds II. DHHS COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Survey III. HUD Webinar - Housing Counseling for HUD Multifamily Owners and Managers, February 23rd 2 p.m. CY 2021 Service Coordinator and Congregate Housing Grant Renewals

pdf 230 KB DownloadNotice 2021-02
Notice 2021-01

I. HUD Multifamily Q&A – Updated 1/4/2021 II. IRS Notice 2021-12 III. HUD issues Revision, Extension and Update of April 2020 Memorandum- Availability of Waivers and Suspensions of the HOME Program Requirements in Response to COVID -19 Pandemic IV. LIHTC Allocating Agency Utility Allowance Schedule Updated

pdf 262 KB DownloadNotice 2021-01
Notice 2020-18

I. HUD Notice “Continued Availability of COVID-19 Supplemental Payments to Section 8, Section 202, and Section 811 Properties.” II. RHIIP Listserv Posting #453 - Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 have been Published III. HUD Requests Vacancy Data on HUD Funded MF Properties

pdf 381 KB DownloadNotice 2020-18
Notice 2020-17

I. COVID 19 Rent Relief Program – Revised and Extended II. Upcoming MREMA Training Opportunity

pdf 874 KB DownloadNotice 2020-17
Notice 2020-16

I. Expanded Rent Relief Program Ends on September 30, 2020 II. Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) III. New Address for MaineHousing

pdf 739 KB DownloadNotice 2020-16
Notice 2020-15

I. MF COVID-19 Rent Relief Program Expansion UPDATE II. IRS Temporary Relief of Tax Credit Requirements III. CDC Eviction Moratorium

pdf 317 KB DownloadNotice 2020-15
Notice 2020-14

I. MF COVID-19 Questions and Answers Revised July 31, 2020 II. ICOVID-19 Rent Relief Program Expansion

pdf 1135 KB DownloadNotice 2020-14
Notice 2020-13

I. Eviction Relief Measure under the CARES Act II. Processing of Special Claims for Vacancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic III. HUD Notice H 20-08 Availability for Supplemental Operating Funds

pdf 147 KB DownloadNotice 2020-13
Notice 2020-12

I. 2020 Rent and Income Charts II. MaineHousing has a new Home III. Asset Management Update – Management and Occupancy Reviews

pdf 141 KB DownloadNotice 2020-12
Notice 2020-11

I. Multifamily COVID-19 Rent Relief Program for MaineHousing Properties Extended II. Updated COVID-19 Rent Relief Program Frequently Asked Questions

pdf 318 KB DownloadNotice 2020-11
Notice 2020-10

I. Section 8 Management and Occupancy Reviews Update

pdf 219 KB DownloadNotice 2020-10
Notice 2020-09

I. Multifamily COVID-19 Rent Relief Program for MaineHousing Properties II. COVID-19 Rent Relief Program Frequently Asked Questions III. Updated MaineHousing Asset Management Program Action Steps

pdf 706 KB DownloadNotice 2020-09
Notice 2020-08

I. MaineHousing Asset Management Program Action Steps II. HUD Multifamily Covid-19 Questions and Answers updated April 16, 2020

pdf 167 KB DownloadNotice 2020-08
Notice 2020-07

I. Covid-19 Questions and Answers Guidance Update II. Elderly and At-Risk Populations - Face Masks Available III. Annual and Interim Recertification Protocol during COVID-19 IV. IRS Provides Short-Term Extensions to Certain Housing Credit and Housing Bond Deadlines Due to COVID-19

pdf 237 KB DownloadNotice 2020-07
Notice 2020-06

I. Essential Business Designation II. USDA Issues Stakeholder Announcement in response to COVID-19 III. NAHMA – HUD to Provide Pre-Recorded COVID-19 Guidance to Stakeholders IV. HUD Multifamily Corona Questions and Answers Updated

pdf 156 KB DownloadNotice 2020-06
Notice 2020-05

I. MaineHousing Asset Management Program Action Steps II. Application Processing Guidelines during the Pandemic III. Multi-Family COVID-19 Cases IV. Essential Business and Operations V. MaineHousing Website Resources VI. NSCHA Report on Recent Legislation

pdf 773 KB DownloadNotice 2020-05
Notice 2020-04

I. Asset Management Response to COVID-19 virus II. New REAC Quality Assurance Inspection Process III. MaineHousing HOME Notice 2020-1 HUD Multifamily Letter and Updated Questions and Answers

zip 1096 KB DownloadNotice 2020-04
Notice 2020-03

I. IRS Form 8703- Annual Certification of a Residential Rental Project II. HUD No. 20-013 Assistance Animals and Reasonable Accommodations III. HUD Guidance on COVID-19 “Coronavirus” IV. A Directive from HUD Northeast Region on Electronic Mailboxes

pdf 1021 KB DownloadNotice 2020-03
Notice 2020-03 Multifamily Housing FHA - COVID-19 QA

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Questions and Answers for Office of Multifamily Housing Stakeholders. Last Updated: March 13, 2020, 7:30 p.m., ET

pdf 323 KB DownloadNotice 2020-03 Multifamily Housing FHA - COVID-19 QA
Notice 2020-01

I. LIHTC and FedHOME Programs Utility Allowance Summary of Requirements

pdf 3114 KB DownloadNotice 2020-01
Notice 2019-09

I. Form MD-130 – Request for Release of Restricted Funds

pdf 234 KB DownloadNotice 2019-09
Notice 2019-08

I. 2019 HOME Income and Rent Limits

pdf 326 KB DownloadNotice 2019-08
Notice 2019-06

I. ABLE Account Notice Published II. Guidelines on Addressing Pest Management in HUD-Insured and Assisted MultiFamily Housing III. What to Do When a Project Receives a Zero Because Owner Refuses to Allow HUD to Inspect IV. 2019 HUD Rent and Income Charts V. New Asset Management Staff VI. 2019 Maine Affordable Housing Conference – Request for Workshop Ideas

pdf 1796 KB DownloadNotice 2019-06
Notice 2018-09

I. Budget Form Clarifications II. MREMA November Meeting III. LIHTC Audit Corner

pdf 1000 KB DownloadNotice 2018-09
Notice 2018-05

I. 2019 Budget Form Revision

pdf 178 KB DownloadNotice 2018-05
Notice 2018-04

I. 2019 Budget Form

zip 546 KB DownloadNotice 2018-04
Notice 2018-03

pdf 252 KB DownloadNotice 2018-03
Notice 2018-02

I. HUD Opens SfS Pilot to All Service Coordinators II. Spectrum Week Trainings III. MREMA Training and Conference IV. U.S. Small Business Association Disaster Loans V. Fair Housing Training

pdf 1358 KB DownloadNotice 2018-02
Notice 2018-01

I. HUD Request for Storm Damage/Tenant Impact Information for Section 8 Properties

pdf 218 KB DownloadNotice 2018-01
Notice 2018-06

I. Asset Management Interns II. FAST Act Interim Final Rule III. Tax Credit Training IV. Kidde Recalls Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms Due to Risk of Failure to Alert Consumers to a Fire V. REAC Launches Mold Prevention Demonstration VI. Reporting Property Losses VII. Asset Management Multifamily Section 8 Scoop

pdf 383 KB DownloadNotice 2018-06
Notice 2018-07

I. MREMA Quarterly Meeting II. SMCC Property Management Training Program

pdf 1167 KB DownloadNotice 2018-07
Notice 2018-10

I. Public Hearing Announcement

pdf 210 KB DownloadNotice 2018-10
Notice 2019-01

I. Audited Financial Statement AFS Policy Change II. Free Fair Housing Training III. Government Shutdown Information

pdf 1093 KB DownloadNotice 2019-01
Notice 2019-02

I. 2019 Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs) Published

pdf 173 KB DownloadNotice 2019-02
Notice 2019-03

I. IRS Form 8703 – Annual Certification of a Residential Rental Project II. Standardization of REAC Inspection Timelines III. 2019 MREMA Annual Conference IV. Auditing Corner (attached) V. Smoke and CO Detectors (attached)

pdf 610 KB DownloadNotice 2019-03
Notice 2019-04

I. Fair Housing Provider Workshops II. Tri-State Agency Meeting

pdf 305 KB DownloadNotice 2019-04
Notice 2019-05

I. MaineHousingSearch Website

pdf 1109 KB DownloadNotice 2019-05
Notice 2019-13

I. HOME Rental Project Compliance Training II. Address Change for the Cyber - Awareness Challenge Training Program

pdf 265 KB DownloadNotice 2019-13
Notice 2020-02

I. Audited Financial Statements Fast Track

pdf 232 KB DownloadNotice 2020-02
Notice 2022-1 (1 of 2)

I. COVID-19 Test Kits Are Available at Federally Qualified Community Health Centers II. Renewal Round Opening in HUD Grant Solutions

pdf 205 KB DownloadNotice 2022-1 (1 of 2)

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