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Active Solicitations

RFP Title Open Date Close Date

RFP - Rental Eviction Legal Assistance

  1. Is there a maximum annual award amount?MaineHousing is estimating the startup costs of providing rental eviction assistance to be $540,000.  Proposals should provide clear explanation for the cost of their proposal as described in the RFP.  MaineHousing will evaluate the demands for rental eviction legal aid in consultation with the successful bidder to determine if the contract should be amended based on demand for services.
  2. What will be the requirements for tracking and reporting on clients/cases? And will there be separate tracking and reporting requirements for ERA and non-ERA funds? MaineHousing will require tracking and reporting on clients and cases to be able to document outcomes and costs.  Regarding tracking of expenditures, since there are differing requirements for eligibility for federal Emergency Rental Assistance and other potential funding sources, we will be tracking client eligibility for these programs in order to allocate costs appropriately.  The successful bidder will be asked to track and refer clients in order to provide the necessary documentation for financial compliance purposes.
  3. If an applicant has a current contract with MaineHousing, will that continue as is? Or would a new contract replace the existing one? Current contracts will remain in effect.  The contract awarded through this RFP will be separate and in addition to existing contracts.
  4. Are there any eligibility criteria for tenants served under this contract? And will there be separate eligibility criteria for ERA and non-ERA funds? Clients with incomes at or below 80% of Area Median Income are eligible for rental eviction legal assistance. The successful bidder may be limited in the clients that it can represent by its own corporate requirements.  This should be made clear in the proposal.  The funds used to compensate the successful bidder for rental eviction legal assistance may varying depending on the fund source.  This will be managed through client referrals to ERA or other programs and invoicing based the client’s eligibility.

06/17/2021 06/23/2021
@ 5pm 

Closed Solicitations

RFP Title Open Date Close Date

Invitation For Proposals: Managed Detection & Response Services

05/10/2021 05/28/2021
@ 5pm 

Ending Homelessness in Maine: Collaborative Community Coaching RFP

03/11/2021 03/26/2021
@ 5pm 

Emergency Rental Relief, Housing Stability Services - Application Assistance, Community Outreach and Cultural Services

03/01/2021 EXTENDED
@ 5pm 

2021 RFP Emergency Shelter Renovation and Conversion

A completed Site Review and Evaluation Report by email in PDF format must be received no later than 02/26/2021 at 5pm.

02/10/2021 03/22/2021
@ 5pm 

RFP Maine Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

Attachment I - YHDP RFP Fillable Application

Questions received by March 12th, 2021 have been answered in the document below. 
Questions & Answers regarding this RFP

02/12/2021 03/26/2021
@ 5pm 

Emergency Rental Relief, Housing Stability Services - Legal Aid and Training 

03/01/2021 03/12/2021
@ 5pm 

Emergency Rental Relief, Housing Stability Services - Mediation Services

03/01/2021 03/12/2021
@ 5pm 

RFP for HVAC Mechanical PM

11/2/2020 12/30/2020
@ 5pm 

HUD Fair Market Rent Reevaluation RFP

11/23/2020 12/4/2020
@ 5pm 

Project Based Voucher Program RFP

8/24/2020 9/11/2020
@ 5pm 

Invitation for Proposal - Backup and Recovery Services

9/4/2020 9/25/2020
@ 5pm 

2020 RFP Grounds Keeping Services - Re-Issued

RE-ISSUED 05/28/2020
@ 5pm 

RFP - 2020 Capital Magnet Fund Consultant - Extended

5/19/2020 6/4/2020
@ 5pm 

RFP - Homeless Consultant

5/25/2020 6/1/2020
@ 5pm 

Invitation for Proposal for Janitorial Services

3/12/2020 4/22/2020
@ 5pm 

RPF - Provide Hotel/Motel Room Blocks

Submissions shall be accepted beginning at 5:00 PM Daylight Savings Time, Saturday, April 11, 2020, and continue until MaineHousing, in its sole discretion, determines that the need for same is met.

RFP - Focus Groups: Barriers to Participation in the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

** This RFP has been cancelled. Read the notification here. **

3/5/2020 CANCELLED

RFP - 2020 Moving Services

1/10/2020 3/6/2020
@ 5pm 

RFP - Marketing Services

2/03/2020 2/28/2020
@ 5pm 

RFP - VOIP Phone System

10/21/2019 11/15/2019
@ 5pm 

RFP - Acquisition and Rehabilitation of a MaineHousing-Owned Property in Portland

6/26/2019 8/16/2019
@ 5pm 

RFP - 2019 Quantitative Services

7/26/2019 8/30/2019
@ 5pm 

2019 RFP - A Survey of Citizens Perceptions on Housing

3/1/2019 4/3/2019
@ 5pm 

2019 Audio Visual Equipment RFP 

3/22/2019 4/5/2019
@ 5pm 

2019 Fire Suppression System RFP

2/6/2019 2/28/2019
@ 5pm 

Homeless Initiatives Gap and Needs Analysis RFP

1/14/2019 1/31/2019
@ 5pm