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Below are notices ordered by date starting with the most recent issue. Click on a notice title to view details about that notice. 

MHN 2021-05 HARP and LEAD Guide and Forms Revision 09172021
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MHN 2021-004 MHPP Guide Revisions 07072021
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MHN 2021_03 MHPP CHIP and WAP Guide Revisions (Effective 5/26/2021)
MaineHousing Notice 2021_03 provides notification of revisions made to the MHPP, WAP and CHIP Guides. Revised guides are posted on the CAA Portal.
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MHN 2021_02 CHIP and MHPP Guide Revisions (effective 03/15/2021)
MaineHousing Notice 2021_02 provides notification of revisions made to the MHPP Guide and CHIP Guide. (1) CHIP Guide revisions correct typographical errors; (2) MHPP Guide revisions corrected typographical errors, and removed the requirement that CAAs must select Heat Pump vendors from EMT's heat pump vendor list.
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MHN 2021_01 Lead Program Income Verification (effective 01/26/2021)
MaineHousing Notice 2021_01 provides notification that the Lead Guide has been revised to change the income verification valid timeline from four (4) months to six (6) months.
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MHN 2020_014 Heat Pump Program (effective 01/01/2021)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-014 notifies CAA Housing management of a new Heat Pump Program being administered by MaineHousing as a stand-alone program rather than as a measure in the CHIP Program.
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MHN 2020_013 Revised Lead Program Documents (effective 12/18/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020_13 notifies CAAs of (1) revisions made to the Lead Guide; and (2) revisions made to all Lead Program Forms effective 12/18/2020.
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MHN 2020_012 WAP and CHIP Job Processing Requirements (effective 12/14/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-012 notifies CAAs of (1) revisions made to the WAP Guide and CHIP Guide (effective December 14, 2020); (2) processing requirements for deferred jobs; and (3) new requirements regarding the processing of WAP and CHIP jobs.
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MHN 2020_011 CHIP Electric Space Heater Allowance (effective 12/14/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-011 notifies CAAs that the CHIP Guide has been revised to allow the use of CHIP funds for the purchase of electric space heaters under conditions prescribed in the CHIP Guide.
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MHN 2020_010 CPOII Pilot Program (dated 11/18/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020_010 notifies CAAs of (1) revisions made to the Lead Guide; (2) the implementation of the Contractor Pollution Occurrence Insurance Incentive Pilot Program (CPOII Pilot Program) administered through MaineHousing’s Energy and Housing Services division; and (3) revisions made to the HUD Required Section 3 Verification Data form.
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MHN 2020_009 Client Satisfaction Surveys (effective 10/01/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-009 provides clarification regarding the requirement for CAAs to provide Customer Satisfaction Survey cards to recipients of MaineHousing programs administered through the Energy and Housing Services division. In addition, Applicants must acknowledge receipt of the survey card when signing off on completion of the job. Program Guides and inspection completion forms will be revised and posted to the CAA Portal effective 10/01/2020.
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MHN 2020_008 HARP Grant Document Submission Dates (effective 09/09/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020_008 extends the Home Accessibility and Repair Program (HARP) file submission deadline dates and revise the HARP Guidance and Procedures (HARP Guide).
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MHN 2020_007 HARP Grant Pre-Approval (effective 08/20/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-007 provides clarification regarding HARP Grant pre-approval requirements.
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MHN 2020_006 Lead Authorization to Release Information (effective 08/10/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-006 provides guidance regarding the use of the Authorization to Release Information.
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MHN 2020_005 WAP Measure Lifetime Update (effective 08102020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020_005 notifies CAA weatherization management and field staff of changes to certain weatherization measure lifetimes.
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MHN 2020-004 Federal Lead Environmental Reviews (effective 07/08/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-004 provides clarification regarding the Environmental Reviews process and revisions made to Instructions for Completing Environmental Reviews.
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MHN 2020_003 - COVID 19 (effective 07/01/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-003 responses to the adverse affect the COVID-19 virus has had on Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) unit production. In response to DOE Weatherization Program Memorandum 062 (WPM 062) regarding COVID 19 MaineHousing revised the DOE Health and Safety Template, revised the DOE PY 2020 State Plan (master file), and requires the submission of a completed COVID-19 Work Plan from all CAAs.
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MHN 2020-002 WAP and CHIP Monthly Billings (effective 04/01/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-002 provides clarification regarding the submission of monthly billings for WAP and CHIP jobs through HEAT Enterprise.
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MHN 2020-001 Lead (effective 05/11/2020)
MaineHousing Notice 2020-001 provides clarification regarding Federal Lead Program and State Lead Program changes, enhancements and/or revisions to the Lead Guidance and Procedures (Lead Guide). The following topics are covered in MHN 2020-001: (1) Lead Guidance and Procedures; (2) Environmental Reviews; (3) Project Summary Sheets; (4) Form Bundles; and (5) Electronic Signatures.
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