Do You Need Help Making
Water or Wastewater Payments?

Maine Water Assistance Program

The Maine Water Assistance Program is a limited-time program to assist Maine residents who may have fallen behind or had difficulty paying their drinking water and wastewater bills.  The program provides direct payments to water and sewer utilities on behalf of customers.

This program is available to income-qualified Maine households who receive their water through public water or wastewater utilities and have an account in their name. It covers unpaid bill balances, property liens for water utility non-payment and bills for customers facing a disconnection notice. The program may also provide a credit to eligible households to defray future water costs.



You may be eligible for the Maine Water Assistance Program if you:

  • You pay for your own water and/or wastewater services.
  • Are a homeowner or renter
  • If a renter, water and/or wastewater service fee is not included in your rent.
  • Your income is less than the gross household income requirements below. 


Income Requirements
60% median income, based on household size



How To Apply

To apply for the Maine Water Assistance Program you MUST provide copies of the documents listed below. Without all of these documents your application will be incomplete and NOT processed for payment. 

  • Completed application. Print the application and/or save it to you computer. Complete the application by hand or electronically and the sign it. 
  • Water and/or Wastewater bill with your name on it
  • Proof of income or benefit letter
  • Copy of all members Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or Passport as proof of citizenship or documentation issued by USCIS as proof of qualified non-citizenship

to this address:

MaineHousing, Energy & Housing Services, 26 Edison Drive, Augusta, ME 04330

You can also email the completed application and documentation to Mainehousing at .

** Make sure to include all documents with your application.  Without all supporting documentation, your application will be incomplete and NOT processed. **


For More Information

For more information, please download the application, the program flyer, or contact MaineHousing at:

    Email Icon  Email MaineHousing

    Phone Icon (888) 623-6762

    Appeals Process

    An applicant has the right to appeal and to receive an informal review and in some cases a fair hearing. If an Applicant chooses to submit a request for an informal review, Applicants must submit a written appeal request for an informal review no later than:

    1. Thirty (30) calendar days from the postmarked date of the benefit or denial notification;
    2. Ninety (90) calendar days from the date of application, if the application has not been approved or denied within 30 business days from the date of application; or
    3. Ninety (90) calendar days from the postmarked date of the request for refund of an overpayment.

    Written requests for appeal may be mailed to MaineHousing, 26 Edison Drive, Augusta, Maine 04330.

    Informal Review: Informal reviews are intended to provide a minimum hearing requirement and are not as elaborate as fair hearings. An applicant may request, in writing, an informal review for any dispute. The informal review will be conducted by a person other than the one who made or approved the decision under review or a subordinate of this person. MaineHousing will review the file, conduct necessary research, and give the applicant an opportunity to present written or oral objections to the decision under review. In rendering a decision MaineHousing will evaluate the accuracy of the calculations, the level of documentation provided by the applicant, and the accuracy of the decision. MaineHousing will communicate the results of the review to the applicant.  

    Fair Hearing: MaineHousing will provide an applicant an opportunity for a fair hearing if the applicant’s claim for assistance has been denied, or not acted upon with reasonable promptness, or the applicant disputes the benefit amount. MaineHousing will also provide an applicant an opportunity for a fair hearing if the applicant is required to refund an overpayment.

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