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Program Evaluation Report

Every seven years MaineHousing is required by the Government Evaluation Act to provide the Maine Legislature’s Office of Policy and Legal Analysis a review of its programs, goals, and assessments. It’s called the Program Evaluation Report – 2015.

MaineHousing welcomes the process as it provides us with an opportunity to review our operations and to examine our successes and areas that we can improve.

Our Program Evaluation Report – 2015 is organized in the sequence detailed in law. We want it to provide the Maine Legislature, elected and appointed officials, and the public with a clear and concise review of MaineHousing. We have tried hard to make this report user friendly and to avoid jargon. We explain the big picture and try not to swamp readers in details that obfuscate the key points and ideas. For example, the section on the laws that govern us provides a detailed but plain English explanation of the law. The same is true for the sections on our programs and finances.

We believe the report will help readers understand everything there is to know about us: what we do, how we do it, who we help, and how successfully we address Maine’s housing problems.

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