Resident Services

Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) connect tenants with the services they may need in order to ensure long-term and successful tenancies. MaineHousing provides support, resources and networking to RSCs working with tenants of MaineHousing financed properties throughout the state, and assists property owners and managers in establishing this valuable staff position.

RCS services are currently available in over 200 properties. MaineHousing also supports the efforts of the Maine Resident Services Coordinators Association (MRSCA) in providing technical support, training, networking, and professional growth opportunities to service providers.


For Information regarding Resident Services Coordinators, please contact:

Steven McDermott, Asset Manager
Toll Free: (800) 452-4668 x1708
Local: (207) 624-5708
Email Me

For additional information regarding MRSCA, please contact:

Cindy-Lou Farrington, Resident Services Coordinator
MRSCA President
Phone: (207) 621-7700