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The ReStart Program helps families who have housing vouchers get connected with resources to allow them to reach their financial goals.  In addition, ReStart coaches provide employment and education resources to assist families to become self-sufficient.  


A Chance To Save Rent Increases

Once enrolled in ReStart, a ReStart Savings Account will be established for you. As you earn more money at work and your rent increases, deposits will be made into the account. 


Reach Goals With Coaching Support

Your coach will help you to create a plan to reach your goals.  They’ll provide support to help you work through your plan while providing financial instruction to help you create a better personal financial outlook.


Connections With Resources

ReStart coaches are connected with financial, employment and education resources throughout the state and will provide you the information you need to accomplish your goals.

What are people saying about ReStart?

The ReStart Program is hands down the best program I have ever been involved with!

Jennifer graduated with a ReStart savings account totaling $18,000.  Here's what she had to say:

"When I first started the Restart Program I was unemployed, my credit score was terrible, I had no money saved up for emergencies, and I had a car that was very unreliable. I can definitely say that my confidence in myself was at an extreme low. Its 4 years later and I am graduating from the Restart program. I have a full time job with a company I love, my credit score is amazing, I have money in my saving account, a reliable car for my family and I am buying a house. The ReStart Program has helped me gain my confidence back and completely changed my life."

Am I Eligible


If you:

  • Have a Housing Choice Voucher
  • Want to invest in your future 

You may be eligible! Contact a Program Coordinator for more info today. 



When does the ReStart Savings Account start and how does it work?
The savings account will start when your household wage increases above the household income you have when you join the program.  When that happens your rental portion will increase.  As a result, an amount will be put into a savings account based upon a formula.

Do I have to be working to join ReStart?
No, you do not have to be working when you enroll in the program. A coach will help you to create a plan to become employed.

I am only able to work part time due to a disability. Am I still eligible to join the program?
Yes. Persons with disabilities may apply for a reasonable accommodation to reduce the amount of hours they are required to work to participate in the program.

How long does the program last?
When you join ReStart you will enter into a contract that has a term of five years. However, if you reach your goals successfully before five years you are able to graduate. Many people do!

Will I lose my voucher if I don’t reach all of my goals or drop out of the program?
You will not lose your voucher if you decide you do not want to continue with the program or don’t graduate from the program.

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