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Marketing & Advertising Guidelines

MaineHousing is always looking to expand our partnerships and spread the word about our programs. It is important, however, that any marketing of our programs and services by others – including our partners – is consistent, accurate, and clearly articulates the relationship with MaineHousing.

Any and all partner marketing and advertising of MaineHousing products and services should be coordinated with MaineHousing's Communications and Planning Unit (CPU).

  • You should contact MaineHousing before launching a campaign, and provide opportunity for CPU to review and approve content.
  • Our programs and services should be referenced by their official names, as they appear in MaineHousing approved materials. Altering the names of programs or advertising them as solely your products is strictly prohibited.
  • You should clearly identify yourself as a partner, program agent or participating lender as appropriate.
  • Any advertising of a MaineHousing product or service must include the fair housing logo and, as space allows, fair housing language (contact CPU for the most current language).

Use of MaineHousing Logos

CPU maintains logos in various formats for various uses. MaineHousing's logo -- including the graphic and words -- can be used by partners with written permission from CPU. Any use of MaineHousing's logo without explicit permission is not allowed.

Social Media Marketing

Together, we can use social media to share our stories with families, friends, and new clients! Download the Let's Connect Card Document Download Icon to learn more about how we can interact on social media.

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