• $3500 Credit at Closing

    Get $3500 Advantage towards the down-payment
    and closing costs of your
  • Homebuyer Education

    In-person or online, a homebuyer education class can help
    guide you through the steps of homeownership.
  • Below Market Interest Rates

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Am I ready to own a home?

Do I want to be a homeowner? Can I afford a home?  Should I rent or buy? Where do I start?

Rent vs Own

How do you know which choice is right for you and your budget?

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Where can I learn more?

MaineHousing can help guide you through the steps of buying a home.

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Where do I begin?

Knowing where to  begin can be a challenge. Find a professional who can help

Find a Lender Find a Home
Mortgage Calculator

How to determine if you can afford a home.

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Why a MaineHousing First Home Loan?

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$3500 At Closing

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Below Market Rates

No and Low Down-payment options

Our Mortgage Programs

Are you an active duty, veteran or retired military personnel?  You may qualify for a .025% discount on our already low First Home Loan 30-year fixed interest rate.

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Am I Eligible for a First Home Loan?


Am I a first-time homebuyer


Is my income within the limits?


Is my credit score above 640?

How do I Apply?

Find a Lender

Getting pre-qualified with out First Home Lenders is taking a first step in the right direction.

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Take Homebuyer Education

Learn the ins and outs of buying to determine if you can afford a new home.

Online In Person

Finding Your Home

Who can help me find a home? How do I navigate needed home repairs and improvements?
Find a real estate professional. 

First Home Finders

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Purchase Price Limits

Get a Home Inspection

Financing Home Improvements

Preparing to Close

Helpful tips as you approach closing on your first home. 


Mortgage Closing Checklist


Importance of Title Insurance


Types of Homeowners Insurance Needed

Congrats on Your First Home

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Your Home
Managing Financial