Do you need help heating your home?

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Home Energy Assistance Program

If you cannot afford your home energy bill, the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) may be able to help you. HEAP provides financial assistance to help low-income homeowners and renters pay for heating costs, with the benefit in most cases going directly to the fuel dealer on the household’s behalf.

What benefits are available?

  • Fuel Assistance
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Home Weatherization & Energy Related Repairs

Who’s eligible for heating assistance?

You may be eligible for assistance if your total household income falls within the income eligibility guidelines or 60% of the state area median income, whichever is less. Eligibility for households with incomes between 150% and 170% of the federal poverty guidelines is limited to those households with a member who is susceptible to hypothermia, such as elderly, a child two years of age or under, or with a doctor's diagnosis.

Also, you may be eligible if your household size, income, and energy costs meet federal eligibility guidelines AND one of the following apply:

  • You need assistance paying for fuel, OR
  • You receive residential electric service from an electric utility and you are not living in government subsidized housing, OR
  • Your home is not as energy efficient as it could be, OR
  • Your heating system is in need of repair or replacement


How do I apply?

Please refer to our Community Action Agency (CAA) contact list to find your local CAA. Call and set up an appointment to apply as well as to be considered automatically for the Low Income Assistance Plan (LIAP), Weatherization, and Central Heating Improvement Program (CHIP). Application periods are:

  • HEAP: from mid-August through April 30 of each year.
  • Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP), which is emergency fuel assistance: November through March 31 of each year.

Step 1
See if you're eligible

Review the eligibility requirements, especially if you’re a household with a member who is susceptible to hypothermia, such as:

  • Elderly
  • A child two years of age or under
  • A doctor's diagnosis

Step 2
Make an appointment to apply for HEAP

Refer to our Community Action Agency (CAA) contact list  to find your local CAA.

Step 3
Bring these documents to your appointment

To process your application in a timely manner, it’s important to provide:

  • Names and Social Security numbers of all people living in your household
  • Proof of gross household income for the last 3 or 12 months. Household income includes, but is not limited to:
    • Wages
    • Social Security
    • Unemployment
    • Pension
    • Disability payments
    • Lottery
  • Proof of present address (rent receipt, lease, property tax bill, etc.)
  • Recent copies of your energy and utility bills
  • The type of fuel used to heat your home

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