Inspections & Deadlines

AccessAble Home Program (Home Modification Tax Credit)


MaineHousing shall have the right to inspect the work upon reasonable notice to confirm that the work complies with The Home Modification Tax Credit Rule and 36 MRSA Section 5219-NN.2.  MaineHousing may inspect sites both randomly and as it deems warranted.

Certification Deadlines

You may submit the Request for Certification for AccessAble Home Tax Credit to MaineHousing any time after the work is completed up until March 1st of the year following the calendar year in which the cost of the work was paid.  If you apply after March 1st, you may not receive your Certification of AccessAble Home Tax Credit in time for you to file the certification with your tax return due on April 15th.  In that case, you may ask Maine Revenue Services for an extension to file your taxes.