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Housing Characteristics

Housing Characteristics is an interactive tool that provides the reader with Census data on the financial and structural characteristics of residential housing in Maine, counties and towns. The data includes but is not limited to:

  • The number of owned, rented, and vacant housing units statewide, or by county or town
  • Units by type
  • Bedroom counts and age of the housing stock

This data, used in conjunction with the Housing and Affordability Index, can provide the reader with some basic understanding of housing in the selected community, its affordability, and need. 

Housing Characteristics
Housing Characteristics of the State of Maine, Counties, and Towns
XLSM17.01 MB Download

2017 Housing & Affordability Indexes

Statewide Homeownership & Rental  Index
2017 Statewide - By LMA Housing Index
PDF121.11 KB Download
2017 Statewide - By County Housing Index
PDF102.31 KB Download
Congressional Homeownership & Rental District Indexes
2017 Congressional District 2 Housing Index
PDF206.99 KB Download
2017 Congressional District 1 Housing Index
PDF160.30 KB Download
Homeownership & Rental Indexes By County
2017 Androscoggin County Housing Index
PDF99.75 KB Download
2017 Aroostook County Housing Index
PDF106.56 KB Download
2017 Cumberland County Housing Index
PDF107.19 KB Download
2017 Franklin County Housing Index
PDF101.33 KB Download
2017 Hancock County Housing Index
PDF107.28 KB Download
2017 Kennebec County Housing Index
PDF113.45 KB Download
2017 Knox County Housing Index
PDF101.18 KB Download
2017 Lincoln County Housing Index
PDF100.74 KB Download
2017 Oxford County Housing Index
PDF106.25 KB Download
2017 Penobscot County Housing Index
PDF112.80 KB Download
2017 Piscataquis County Housing Index
PDF94.86 KB Download
2017 Sagadahoc County Housing Index
PDF93.94 KB Download
2017 Somerset County Housing Index
PDF103.94 KB Download
2017 Waldo County Housing Index
PDF101.10 KB Download
2017 Washington County Housing Index
PDF101.81 KB Download
2017 York County Housing Index
PDF109.37 KB Download
Homeownership & Rental Indexes By Market Area
2017 Augusta LMA Housing Index
PDF106.76 KB Download
2017 Boothbay Harbor LMA Housing Index
PDF92.88 KB Download
2017 Bridgton-Paris LMA Housing Index
PDF94.96 KB Download
2017 Calais LMA Housing Index
PDF93.77 KB Download
2017 Camden LMA Housing Index
PDF94.80 KB Download
2017 Conway NH LMA Housing Index
PDF93.94 KB Download
2017 Dover-Foxcroft LMA Housing Index
PDF99.93 KB Download
2017 Ellsworth LMA Housing Index
PDF108.04 KB Download
2017 Farmington LMA Housing Index
PDF102.18 KB Download
2017 Houlton LMA Housing Index
PDF94.30 KB Download
2017 Lewiston-Auburn LMA Housing Index
PDF100.93 KB Download
2017 Lincoln LMA Housing Index
PDF92.56 KB Download
2017 Machias LMA Housing Index
PDF99.21 KB Download
2017 Madawaska LMA Housing Index
PDF91.94 KB Download
2017 Millinocket LMA Housing Index
PDF92.65 KB Download
2017 Pittsfield LMA Housing Index
PDF93.09 KB Download
2017 Portland - South Portland LMA Housing Index
PDF125.15 KB Download
2017 Portsmouth NH LMA Housing Index
PDF93.25 KB Download
2017 Presque Isle LMA Housing Index
PDF101.62 KB Download
2017 Rochester-Dover NH LMA Housing Index
PDF93.40 KB Download
2017 Rockland Micropolitan LMA Housing Index
PDF94.73 KB Download
2017 Rumford LMA Housing Index
PDF95.38 KB Download
2017 Sanford Micropolitan LMA Housing Index
PDF92.13 KB Download
2017 Skowhegan LMA Housing Index
PDF99.08 KB Download
2017 Waldoboro LMA Housing Index
PDF96.61 KB Download
2017 Waterville Micropolitan LMA Housing Index
PDF95.83 KB Download
2017 York LMA Housing Index
PDF94.76 KB Download

Interactive Maps

MaineHousing has created several interactive map profiles to illustration how Maine people have benefited from MaineHousing Homeownership and Rental Programs. 

Interactive Maps

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