Priorities & Goals

  • Goal 1: Increase the number and quality of First Home Loans

    • Offer mortgage products that meet the needs of first-time homebuyers
    • Streamline the mortgage origination process
    • Effectively market the First Home Loan program to eligible borrowers
    • Increase the number of lenders and enhance the lender network
    • Develop new programs to meet homebuyer needs and opportunities
    • Improve loan quality and reduce the number of delinquencies and foreclosures
    • Expand and improve homeownership education both pre- and post-purchase
  • Goal 2: Increase Affordable Housing Development

    • Target housing development to communities that provide opportunity and long term sustainability
    • Balance the need for housing in both urban and rural areas of the state and identify th population(s) to be served based on a needs analysis
    • Identify required housing development characteristics and create incentives for preferred characteristics
    • Manage the cost of development
    • Expand housing development options
    • Provide developer training and educational opportunities to improve the quality of proposals
    • Develop relationships with organizations that provide services to housing developments
    • Streamline and improve the processes for applying for and analyzing the results of housing development investments
  • Goal 3: Ensure the long term sustainability of MaineHousing’s multifamily portfolio

    • Maintain and improve the physical condition of multi-family projects
    • Ensure long term financial sustainability and affordability
    • Improve business processes and practices to focus on managing and preserving housing assets
    • Upgrade properties to support aging in place, accessibility, and energy efficiency
    • Provide training and technical assistance to property managers
    • Enhance the Resident Services Coordinator role
  • Goal 4: Help Maine people stay safe and warm in their homes and apartments

    • Ensure that federal and state energy assistance benefits are fully expended in a timely manner
    • Improve housing quality and accessibility and reduce environmental hazards in the home
    • Improve the effectiveness of program delivery with Community Action Agencies and other organizations
    • Ensure MaineHousing-supported rental units meet rigorous inspection standards
    • Enhance relationships with landlords and property managers
  • Goal 5: Reduce the length of time and the number of Maine people experiencing homelessness using best practice methods of Housing First and Rapid Rehousing

    • Guide and support policy development and collaborative efforts that further best practice methods of Housing First and Rapid Rehousing
    • Provide operating and performance incentive funding to shelters
    • Seek and support innovative efforts to reduce homelessness
    • Provide training and professional development to homeless providers
    • Use research and improve the quality of data to make service and funding decisions
    • Offer priority for rental assistance in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program to applicants who are homeless and move them quickly into housing
    • Provide financial support to enable homeless applicants to lease rental units
  • Goal 6: Improve housing stability for Maine people at risk

    • Increase efforts to prevent homelessness and support stability for people at risk
    • Provide support to participants and landlords to prevent evictions
    • Offer performance funding to homeless shelters through Emergency Shelter Housing Assistance Program for success in achieving housing stability
    • Pilot and test promising approaches
    • Assist participants in the Housing Choice Voucher program in locating and leasing homes that best meet their family’s needs
    • Assist participants in the Housing Choice Voucher program in moving toward financial
    • Coordinate all MaineHousing programs to maximize the benefits for low income households
    • Provide technical assistance and training to ensure shelters are achieving performance outcomes
  • Goal 7: Promote inclusive, sustainable communities that support viable affordable housing

    • Partner more directly with municipalities and community-based organizations
    • Aid municipalities and community-based organizations in creating opportunities for affordable housing
    • Direct MaineHousing’s resources to communities with viable services and supports
    • Support the use of technology to link housing with community and other resources*
    • Develop innovative housing models and financing options to meet community needs
    • Educate, promote, and advocate for inclusive, fair housing opportunities
  • Goal 8: Lead and support collaborative efforts to address Maine’s
    housing needs 

    • Apply a data driven approach to identifying housing needs
    • Convene statewide policy forums and community dialogues and listen to the voice of the customers and partners
    • Expand collaborative initiatives with our partners that test and demonstrate effective approaches to addressing housing needs
    • Enhance the reputation and recognition of MaineHousing as a premier housing organization
  • Goal 9: Ensure the long-term financial viability of MaineHousing

    • Maintain healthy annual margins; increase fund balances in the Mortgage Purchase Program
    • Be prepared to respond to changes in federal and state funding
    • Address any weakness displayed in the rating agencies’ stress test cash flow runsMaintain effective relationships with rating agencies
  • Goal 10: Become an efficient, effective organization that people want
    to work for and do business with

    • Develop and maintain a high performing and dedicated workforce; become a learning organization
    • Plan for succession and enhance leadership opportunities for MaineHousing employees
    • Plan, design, and deliver a quality workplace for MaineHousing employees
    • Embed a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organization and continually improve business processes
    • Establish and implement a process that prioritizes and advances our investment in technology and supports key business processes
    • Continually identify and respond to the agency’s business risks, problems, and opportunities

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