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The Maine State Housing Authority (MaineHousing) is an independent authority created by the Maine State Legislature in 1969 to address problems of unsafe, unsuitable, overcrowded, and unaffordable housing. At its core, the agency couples the efficiencies of the private financial markets with public purpose goals to provide affordable home ownership and rental housing opportunities for Maine people.

Since inception, the agency has been asked to handle additional responsibilities on behalf of the state. As a result, MaineHousing administers a number of federal housing-related programs, including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, the Section 8 Rental Assistance programs, the Emergency Solutions Grant Program, the Weatherization Program, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, and others. Such programs reduce the costs associated with housing for Maine people.

Today, MaineHousing is a $1.7 billion financial institution that brings together the functions of a housing finance agency and public housing authority to administer a range of programs and services that reach every region of the state. These programs are administered with and through a broad range of public and private partners equally committed to providing Maine people with affordable housing and services suitable to their housing needs.

There are considerable challenges facing housing providers in Maine and throughout the nation. The future of federal and state funding is uncertain. Nationally, there are ongoing unresolved debates about what the basic structures to finance both rental and ownership housing should be. In Maine, the needs for housing are changing as a result of demographic shifts and economic conditions. Planning in this environment is difficult. This plan is developed with the recognition that the fundamental approaches may change.

The agency’s Strategic Plan 2013-2016 was developed over seven months (April-October 2013) with broad input from the agency’s partners, employees, and Board members. The Plan balances the desire to achieve major and far reaching goals with the reality of limited and diminishing resources. The Plan rests on four mission goals and a supporting set of operational priorities. MaineHousing thanks the many people who gave their time and expertise in shaping the foundation of the Plan.


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