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MaineHousing provides low fixed rate mortgages with no point, low point, little or no down payment and down payment assistance options to help make homeownership affordable for more Maine people.

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Subsidized Housing

Rental housing costs are increasingly out of reach for many lower and moderate income Maine people. Subsidized apartments provide qualified tenants below-market rents. 

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2013 Annual Report

Please take a moment to review MaineHousing’s 2013 annual report that focuses on our staff’s mission-driven efforts to help Maine people obtain and maintain quality affordable housing and services suitable to their housing needs.

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Ownership Transfer

MaineHousing has a new ownership transfer rule and a simpler, more streamlined application and review process for ownership transfers.

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Mortgage Help

When hard times happen, protect your home by knowing what payment options are available to you and who to call for assistance.

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Homebuyer Classes

Homebuyer education will explain how the buying process works and will help you to choose the mortgage option that is best for you.

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    The Maine State Housing Authority and the Department of Economic and Community Development are drafting the five year Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan for the program years 2015 -2019. A public hearing to receive comments will be held on September 3rd, 2014 at MaineHousing.
    MaineHousing shall hold a public hearing to receive comments on the Administrative Plan and the PHA 5yr Plan.
  • MaineHousing followed rental subsidy contracts, courts rule
    The United States Supreme Court will not consider an appeal by five owners of multi-family low income housing projects that have Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contracts with Maine State Housing Authority (MaineHousing), it was decided on Monday, January 13.
  • Homebuyer Education
    Buying a home can be a challenging endeavor. There’s help! HoMEworks provides a homebuyer education program that explains how the buying process works, helps buyers select the mortgage best suited to their financial needs, and teaches credit and debt management, budgeting, and more. Find a class near you!


MaineHousing Office Closed
Event Date: September 1, 2014
Event Date: September 3, 2014
Statewide Homeless Council
Event Date: September 9, 2014

Current Interest Rates

Program Rates Points APR*      MPF**

First Home & Operation New Home

3.500% 0 4.251% $4.49
3.250% 2 4.180% $4.35

First Home & Operation New Home with Advantage Option

3.750% 0 4.495% $4.63

Mobile Home Self Insured

4.500% 0 4.500% $5.07
4.250% 2 4.421% $4.92

Mobile Home Self Insured
with Advantage Option

4.750% 0 4.750% $5.22

Contact Us

353 Water Street  •  Augusta, ME 04330
(800) 452-4668  •  (207) 626-4600
Fax (207) 626-4678  •  Maine Relay 711
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